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Foodpanda Apk Free Download

Foodpanda Apk Free Download

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How to use food panda and get 300 PKR voucher?

Food Panda is a Food Delivery System. It is a food aggregative business model. It integrates or on boards many restaurants with it. The menus of every restaurant are displayed on the App of food panda. You can order anything from your nearby restaurants from your home or from your work place. A person doesn’t have to wander about all the restaurants. He can simply check all the restaurants from his phone. He can check the rating of every restaurant. Whatever food he wants to order, he can order and pay the desired price from best rated restaurant.  Food panda brings orders for all the restaurants that are on board with it. When you order food from a restaurant, the owner of restaurant prepared the food and food panda's rider takes food from restaurant and delivers it to customer’s house. If you are hungry at 2 am, don’t worry. Just go to food panda and order whatever you want.

How to order from Food Panda? 

  • Go to food panda’s app. Give your address and they will ask you what type of food you want. After that they will tell you all the registered restaurants in your area. Food Panda also tells you the delivery time based on the distance between your home and restaurant.Benefits:
  • You don’t have to hustle a lot to find out the right food for you. You can find everything on a single platform. 
  • It recommends you  best restaurant based on the distance between your area and restaurants.
  • It gives you discounts every other day.
  • You can do online payment.
  • Food Panda makes sure to provide you best quality food.
  • Food panda has a rating system. It means the feedback of every customer is collected after every single delivery. You can give best and worse feedback as well.
  • 300 PKR Voucher: If you are not a customer of Food Panda, Install the Food Panda’s App and get a 300 PKR voucher. It means with your first order, you will get a 300 rupees discount. If the price of the food that you are ordering is 800, you will get that food in 500.
  • In addition , food panda gives you discounts more often. The reason for giving discount is that food panda wants to increase its customer base by giving discounts and vouchers to its new customers.
  • So benefits yourself from the discounts and install Food panda. Fresh food is just a click away!


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